VT Audio Editions 05: Direwires

Posted on Jan 17, 2011 in News, Releases | No Comments

Vague Terrain, a site dedicated to the convergence of art, technology and culture has a started curating a new ongoing audio publication “VT Audio Editions” featuring music and sound art segments from contributing artists, available as free downloads on their website and archive.org.

Direwires has created a 2-part seamless piece for this month’s VT Audio Editions segment.
Running approx. 24 minutes in length, “Insomnia’s Grin/Sleep’s Reprieve” calls upon not only a sound familiar Direwires’ listeners, but first something unusually dark in stark contrast to that which is normally expected and later heard.

Please visit Vague Terrain and stream or download this installment of VT Audio Editions and others.

Download + Additional info: http://vagueterrain.net/audio-editions/05