Hearts in Stasis is “forward thinking music at it’s best”

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Future Sequence had some nice words to say about Hearts In Stasis. Check it here or read the quoted article below:


Adam Young is a Moodgadget veteran, and long time sonic experimentor, this his debut album for the label is an exact, circuit to brain electronic epic. Further widening the Moodgadget demographic to its already broad musical spectrum, the label did well to establish a strong presence last year, and are kicking off the year with this bold offering.

Opening with the hypnotic title track Hearts in Stasis, its black hole gravity pull of keyboards and whispered vocals successfully transporting us to a parallel universe, or at the very least, out of our own. In a change of pace Canatara Stroll lulls the listener with lilting arpeggiated loops – its gentle wash, similar to Christopher Willits in style, feels like the sun going down over tranquil waves.

This is forward thinking music at its best, pushing sonic boundaries, providing the listener with new spectrums of colour and depth to be explored.  Young disarms the listener with unpredictable sounds, changes in pace and tone, Knitted House is a perfect example of this. Whilst there is a consistent fabric to the whole album, Young also enjoys presenting interesting sounds to the listener, in the same tonal vocabulary of say Susumu Yokota, if only for brief moments. Elsewhere, as on ‘Flight to Yesteryear’, and many of the other tracks, repetition of sweetly ambient lines are the central focus.

Flight To Yesteryear by Moodgadget

This is not so much drone, but beatless synth fantasies that unravel themselves in front of our eyes, revealing intimate micro-spaces within the tracks, fleeting glances at faces and flashbacks to childhood.  Delivered with apparent ease, the experienced producer has created a wonderfully dreamlike album which not only takes the listener on a journey through the subconscious, and manages to have a tender emotional impact also.

‘Hearts in Stasis’ is available for download at iTunes